Tentacle monster treats infertility of blonde Lexi Lore


A tentacle monster from another planet sneaked into the city hospital unnoticed and hid in a dark back room. He could feel the girls’ wet pussies all around him, but he stayed hidden. Until a pretty young blonde Lexi Lore came to the hospital.

The girl had a problem – there was no way she could get pregnant. With this problem she came to the hospital. The girl hoped that she would be prescribed some medication and she would be able to give birth to a child. With these thoughts she lay down on the couch and spread her legs. The doctor was still gone. Suddenly, she heard strange rustling sounds on the floor. It was a tentacle monster. He had come to the blonde to fuck her. The monster’s tentacles bound her arms and legs and then penetrated her pussy. While one tentacle moved deep inside Lexi Lore’s pussy, the other tentacle penetrated her mouth. The blonde was very scared and then it became very pleasurable.

The tentacle monster gave her pleasure and then he filled her pussy with cum. The alien cum turned out to be a real miracle. Lexi Lore got pregnant. True, she had no idea what exactly she was about to give birth to.

Date: February 25, 2024
Actors: Lexi Lore

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