Monster tentacles fuck under the bed hotel guest Jewelz Blu


The hotel owner was well aware that the monster’s tentacles fuck under the bed of the beautiful girls who stayed with him. But he didn’t confront it. That was the deal. With who? With the scary alien monster that suddenly appeared in his hotel. He doesn’t touch him, and he gives him the girls’ wet pussies. Good deal!

Informal hottie Jewelz Blu was on her way to visit her boyfriend in another state. Realizing that she might just fall asleep at the wheel and get into an accident, she stopped at a hotel for the night. The girl talked to her boyfriend on the phone and went to bed. But she was not allowed to sleep. Tentacles appeared from under the bed and started fondling her. When Jewelz Blu woke up, they pulled her under the bed. The nasty monster tentacles fuck her in her mouth and pussy, leaving lots of cum. Alien cum was everywhere, but that wasn’t the end of the fucking. The monster moved faster and deeper penetrating the girl’s pussy in the hotel. She screamed and then started moaning with pleasure. Jewelz Blu even took one of the tentacles in her mouth herself and started sucking it gentle while the others were in her pussy. This was the kind of pleasure no guy had ever given her. Despite her fear, she really enjoyed how the monster’s tentacles fuck her under the bed.

Date: January 16, 2024
Actors: Jewelz Blu

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