Under the bed

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is hiding under the bed in your bedroom? Just out of the blue. You go to bed. The room is as dark as possible. Total silence. But that stupid feeling keeps you awake. You want to look… but it’s scary. What if there really is someone in there?

A nighttime adventure

Only strange creaks were heard in the sepulchral silence of the old suburban cottage. One might think that only ghosts could creak in such a grotesque house, but in fact it was much simpler than that. In this house lived an ordinary young married couple – Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins and their little daughter Lisa. And that midnight creak came from the couple’s bedroom.  They put their daughter to bed, and they quickly took a shower and decided to have sex. Usually they did it quietly, but this time the old bed decided to break the silence.

– Oh, Thomas, let’s go slower, – Dorothy Jenkins said, panting with pleasure, – We’ll wake up our little girl.

– Slower? Are you sure? – asked a sweating Thomas Jenkins, who was just getting into the rhythm and moving back and forth in his favorite wife’s pussy, – Don’t you like it that way?

– It’s just wonderful, darling! But it’s too loud…


Thomas didn’t say anything and only slowed down a little. After a short pause, he moved lower and nestled himself between his wife’s legs. Nestling his lips against her hot pussy, he began to work his tongue. Dorothy could barely contain her sweet moans as she enjoyed the gentle cunnilingus. Her husband was a professional at this. And she couldn’t help but like it. When he felt his wife begin to tremble, nearing the peak of ecstasy, he entered her again. The hard cock penetrated enough to stimulate the beauty’s most erogenous point. He did everything right, like a good student on a lab paper, and he managed to get the highest grade. Thomas had brought Dorothy to orgasm and was still holding on. Not all men can do that. But Dorothy was lucky.

– Oh, honey, that was so amazing, – she whispered in her husband’s ear, which was still inside her and would not stop.

– I did my best, now you do your best too, love, – Thomas said and immediately pulled his cock out of her pussy for her to take it in her mouth.

The satisfied beauty was never squeamish and often gave her husband blowjobs. And after such a violent orgasm she wanted to do it herself. Licking and sucking the head of the hot penis, she wanted him to cum on her face or in her mouth. But suddenly there was a scream from their daughter’s bedroom…..

– Oh, shit, – Thomas blurted out, – not now. Is she having nightmares again?

– Go and see what it is and come back for more. Or do you want me to run to Lisa’s?

– No, I can do it myself. Get some rest. I’ll just put on my robe.

Thomas quickly put on his robe and walked down the dark hallway toward his daughter’s bedroom. She cried out only once and didn’t even seem to be crying. But it was still necessary to see what was wrong with her. Maybe it was a nightmare again or maybe it was the creaks of their bed that woke her up.

Someone’s under the bed

Thomas entered Lisa’s bedroom. She was lying on the edge of the bed with her back to him, shivering.

– Honey, is you all right? – asked her loving father and sat down on the other side of the bed, – Mom and I heard you screaming. Did you have that nightmare again?

– Daddy, I’m afraid, – she said in a trembling voice, – There’s someone under my bed.

– Don’t be silly. It’s just a dream or your imagination. What could be under there? Maybe your slippers or a toy, silly.

– No, there’s someone there. I heard someone scratching and whimpering,-  the girl began to sob. Her father wanted to hug her from behind, but she shrank into a ball and he didn’t risk it.

– But we don’t have a cat or a dog. Who can whimper? It’s probably just the wind outside the window or the boards in the house creaking.


The girl kept sobbing and didn’t say anything to her father. He didn’t know how he could comfort the little girl. To make her feel better, he decided to look under the bed and make sure there was no one there. And then convince her of that. «Sounds like a good plan», – Thomas thought and said to Lisa, – Don’t worry, sweetie! I’ll look under your bed now and there will be no one there. I promise.

– Better not do that, Thomas, – Lisa said.

«Thomas?! Did I hear that? » he thought, «I guess my girl is really scared of something». With these thoughts he began to sink to his knees.

– Now I’m going to look in there and you and I will make sure there’s no one there…..

Goosebumps ran all over Thomas’s body. There really was someone under the bed. And he knew who it was. It was Lisa. She was lying quietly. Crying and very badly scared….

– Daddy, I’m afraid, – the girl said in a trembling voice, – There is someone on my bed.

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