Horrified lesbian bloggers enjoy gentle oral sex in the woods


Sex in the woods is a dream for young naturalists and mature extreme sex enthusiasts. However, two good friends and video bloggers Aidra Fox and Charlotte Stokely went to the forest not for that. Initially, the girls planned to shoot a couple of cool videos about primitive nature, but then they learned about the legend of a scary forest monster. The story scared the girls. But the desire to shoot good content for subscribers surpassed all fears and the beauties went on the road.

They settled in a hotel on the outskirts of a small town bordering a dense forest. Taking cameras, provisions and everything necessary for survival in wild conditions, the girls went into the forest. It was getting evening, so they had to set up their tent and get ready for the night. That’s when the girls heard the scary sounds. It was like screaming, crying and wailing. In order to calm down a little, the girlfriends decided to have sex in the woods. They had never done that before. Yeah, they’d never had lesbian sex at all. But in this situation, the girls couldn’t think of a better option. Kissing and undressing each other, they quickly moved on to oral caresses. The beauties engaged in licking pussies and forgot about the monster in the forest.

Even yesterday they did not know how to have sex in the woods, but now they easily brought each other to orgasm. Satisfied, they lay next to each other, hugging and kissing. And it seemed to them that there were no monsters and everything would be fine. But the frightening wailing resumed and the girls rushed out naked. What became of them? Only horror porn fans know!

Date: September 10, 2023

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