Two prisoners have anal sex in prison with a monster


Two young girls did not think that they will be waiting for hard sex in prison. Especially not with other prisoners or guards, but with a terrible monster, who hasn’t had fresh chicks with hot pussies for a long time. Both of them quite by accident ended up behind bars. Cute girls with natural tits thought that in prison they would quietly serve their time and everything would be fine. But soon they learned that such a horror and real hell pain.

There were rumors that in this prison something strange and unusual is constantly happening. And it was these two girls who were not lucky enough to learn the terrible secret of the women’s block A. When the guard led them to the closed part of the block, they saw there a real nightmare. It was as if a monstrous monster with a disfigured body and big sharp teeth had appeared from the ground. He had no intention of killing them. It was only interested in satisfying its sexual hunger. The monster immediately pounced on one girl, and then another, ignoring the screams and shrieks.

The anal sex in the prison was getting tougher and tougher. The scary monster liked to fuck the tight anal holes of girls screaming in pain and terror. The louder the young girl screamed, the more he wanted to fuck her. He deeply inserted his big cock into the ass of the blonde and brunette and soon they just passed out. But that didn’t stop him. Freak continued to fuck one of the prisoners and after cum on her face. Anal with girls added to his inhuman strength, and he broke out of his cell. Now he didn’t want to stop at the two beautiful asses that burst on his big cock. The monster was getting free to anally destroy anyone who got in his way. This was the beginning of the Apocalypse….

Date: November 4, 2023

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