Bony death roughly fucks a virgin bride in all holes


Every groom’s dream is to fucks a virgin bride on their wedding night. Even Death himself dreams of it. Yes, yes, that horrible monster from the underworld is getting married too. From time to time. Because his wives just don’t last long enough.

The big black hall in the dungeon. The naked bride in white lies on the table and can’t move. A funeral march plays solemnly and the groom enters – it’s Death. All around the guests are naked girls screaming in terror, who will be killed after the ritual-ceremony. The monster’s big cock is ready for the wedding. He inserts it into the mouth of the blonde bride and forces her to suck him deeply. Death wants very badly to fucks a virgin in her tight virgin pussy. The big cock has a hard time entering her. The bride is in pain, but it is a pleasant pain. Gradually the cock moves more easily and the beauty moans with pleasure. Her beautiful ass is next. Putting the bride in a doggie pose, the bony Death from behind inserts his penis into her anal hole. This is the blonde’s first anal sex … and probably her last. Death Monster fucks a virgin in the ass, then completes the gruesome wedding ritual afterward. Hot wax pours over the girl’s face and her skin burns and melts.

Till death do you part…

Date: January 20, 2024

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