Sex horror with evil spirit possessed Sarah Kay


It’s no surprise that a visit to a damned house on the edge of the forest turned into a sex horror for a couple of scientists. But let’s find out where it all began.

Cute girl Sarah Kay and her good friend decided to explore together one of the most paranormal objects in the state. Taking with them equipment “ghost hunters”, they went to the damned house. It seemed to the man that it would be a fun adventure that they would reminisce about later over a glass of whiskey. But his girlfriend believed in ghosts and wanted to meet one. After staying in the damned house overnight, the pair of explorers waited until midnight. Suddenly, something strange began to happen. Strange sounds, creaks, voices. you could go crazy. The man offered to drop everything and run to the van, but Sarah Kay began to explore the whole house. Meanwhile, the girl’s horrible ghost was investigating them.

When Sarah was most vulnerable, the demonic creature attacked her and possessed the girl. Possessed by the demon, the glass-eyed beauty pounced on her friend, or rather on his cock. He didn’t resist. The girl took the cock in her mouth and started sucking with a swallow. Deep blowjob made the man moan and he even stopped being afraid. The obsessed girl gave a blowjob and then got into a doggy pose and spread her legs. The cock was in her pussy and the demon inside Sarah Kay rejoiced. It was a real sex horror. But with a happy ending. Watch more often horror porn and you too will have a bright and happy ending with a cum shot.

Date: September 9, 2023

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