An ancient monster fuck Rikako Katayama with his tentacles


Asian girl Rikako Katayama watched a horror movie before bed in which a scary monster fuck a girl. Most likely because of this, she slept badly all night. In the morning, the girl felt tired. But that was not the only unpleasant morning surprise. Behind the door to the living room, a huge ancient monster was waiting for her. He sucked the girl inside himself, and she found herself in some otherworld. Tentacles firmly held the naked Asian girl, and she could not break free. More and more tentacles of the monster were approaching her…..

Naked beauty Rikako Katayama twitched and screamed. But it was of little use. The tentacles approached the Asian girl’s pussy and then penetrated inside. Sweet moans escaped from the girl’s chest as those long, slippery things slid in and out. One tentacle was in the Asian girl’s mouth and the other in her pussy. Soon there was a lot of slime in both of them. The monster was cumming slime. And he did it very often, but still did not let go of the girl. She could only feel the monster fuck her deeper and harder, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Rikako Katayama later returned to her apartment, where she disappeared without a trace early Monday morning. The nightmare monster fucked her and filled her with sperm and mucus. Where did he go? Who will be the Lovecraftian monster’s next victim? These questions are hard to answer. Stay tuned to our website for more horror porn news.

Date: November 22, 2023
Actors: Rikako Katayama

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