Monster with a tentacle dick fucked three girls to death


Lightning strikes and a monster with a tentacle dick appears in the forest. Do you think it was a real lightning strike? No, it was the coming of an alien creature. It came down from the sky and turned into an ordinary girl. Ordinary, but not really ordinary. It was a girl with huge legs and feet (like Bigfoot) and a long dick coming out of her pussy.

The first victims of the monster with a tentacle dick were a couple who lived in a cabin in the woods. And then it got to their guest. After having lesbian sex with the hottie, it killed her. And she didn’t stop. Two Asian girls got lost in the woods, and this thing easily tracked them down… by the smell of their wet pussies. The monster stalked them until the girls ended up in this cabin in the countryside. In the guise of a girl, the monster met them and let them inside… to fuck and kill them. There was nowhere to run. The Asian girls had to lick the alien monster’s pussy and then the tentacle dick came out. The monster fucked the girls with it and they fell asleep… or dead. Nobody knows. And no one will ever know…

Date: February 20, 2024

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