The undreamed monster with tentacles fucks Barbie Rous


Curly-haired black Barbie Rous dreams every night about an undreamed monster with tentacles. In the dream he fucks her hard and fills her with slime. When the girl wakes up, some strange slime is really flowing from her pussy. Even though the black girl feels sexually satisfied after her nightmares, she decides to solve the mystery. Pretty Barbie Rous refuses to go to sleep and waits for the monster at night. Soon he arrives. As if in a comatose dream, the sexy Negro girl follows the monster into the attic. She undresses, sits on the floor and spreads her legs. Long slippery tentacles crawl towards her from all sides. They fuck her hard and deep. Barbie Rous moans and screams with pleasure. The tentacles penetrate her again and again, and then fill her with cum-slime. A lot of slime ends up inside the girl, so much so that her stomach even inflates, and then it all flows back out.

Barbie Rous wakes up in her bed. There is a lot of slime all around. She feels great. So is the undreamed monster her erotic dream after all? Or does he come to her for real and fuck her every night?

Date: January 23, 2024
Actors: Barbie Rous

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