Mummy princess hard fucks Richard O’Connell’s heir


The mummy princess spent several thousand years under lock and key in an abandoned tomb. She’s been waiting for her time. She knew that sooner or later someone would come and free her. And then chaos would break out on Earth.

The young adventurer followed in his father’s footsteps. He went in search of an abandoned tomb. Just as her father had searched for it before, and his grandfather before that, and so many generations before that. And now he was able to find it. Satisfied the lad thought riches awaited him, but instead he opened Pandora’s box. In the tomb was a girl. It was the mummy princess. The frightened hero was going to fight her and kill her, but she offered another. The sexy mummy hadn’t had sex in a couple thousand years. Her pussy was as hot and wet as possible. The mummy pounced on the guy’s cock and started sucking it deeply. After a blowjob, she sat on it and had a wild rodeo. She fucked him like a wildcat and roared like a ferocious hyena. Hot mummy princess made the hero cum on her and then ran away. And once she left her tomb, the doors closed forever… and chaos began in the world.

Date: January 29, 2024
Actors: Yenna Black

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