Midnight lessons parasite sex with teacher Natasha Nice


Infection, the beginning of a pandemic and parasite sex … these are the main news of the day, which are all over the newspapers and TV programs. But schoolgirl Melody Marks doesn’t believe in this madness. She has fun with her friends as before, does not want to study and breaks all the laws of the school. And this pisses off sexy teacher with big tits and ass Natasha Nice.

During the exam she takes away the forbidden tablet with answers from the girl and leaves it at school. Melody Marks can’t leave it like that and sneaks into the school at night like a thief. Natasha Nice knows this can happen and comes to the school too. The picture is completed by alien worms, which take possession of the teacher and then of the schoolgirl. Parasite sex awaits them. A busty woman licks her student’s pussy and rubs her pussy against it. They moan and are covered in alien slime and the worms crawl inside them. The mistresses have violent orgasms and are forever zombie lesbians. And this is just the beginning of a terrible pandemic. Change is coming!

Date: February 24, 2024

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