Ho ho ho! Santa fucks in the ass naughty girl on Christmas


At Christmas, good Santa brings boys and girls presents and bad Santa fucks them in front of their parents. It is better to behave well throughout the year, otherwise you can meet the dirty cock of the scary old man in the red suit. After that, you’ll never want to celebrate Christmas again.

The young girl Sata was one of those 18-year-old girls who do everything to spite others: parents, friends, acquaintances. She was one of those girls who behaved very badly. Dirty Santa knew it, so he came to see her at Christmas. While the father of the family was distracted, the old man broke into the house and tied up his wife, then got to the nasty daughter. The dad got hit in the head with a bat and fell to the floor, from where he watched his daughter’s wild fuck with Santa. The old bastard made the girl give him a deep blowjob. Then his dirty cock penetrated her pussy. But that was just the beginning. After enjoying the classic sex the silent grandfather switched to the girl’s ass. Sata screamed in pain as her virgin asshole stretched on the monster’s big cock. Santa fucked the naughty girl in the ass and showed her big ass hole to her parents. It was getting bigger and bigger. But even that wasn’t enough for the villain. He took a bat and shoved it up Sata’s ass. That was the fat end of their hard anal sex.

Be smarter than Sata and always be on your best behavior. Otherwise, the evil Santa will come to your house on Christmas Day. And he’s got a lot of surprises besides the bat. Not very nice surprises. Bad Santa fucks all the bad guys, and then he’s gone…. for exactly one year.

Date: November 3, 2023
Actors: Neeo / Sata Jones

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