Lesbian sex of parasite-obsessed Hazel Moore and Jewelz Blu


Parasite-obsessed girls are no longer news to anyone, which comes as a surprise. It started a long time ago and now the alien parasites have spread all over the world. They are attacking girls, taking control of their minds and turning them into lesbian zombies. For some it’s the plague of the 21st century, and for others it’s salvation.

Two friends, Hazel Moore and Jewelz Blu, rent a house on the outskirts of town through Airbnb. But when they arrived, there was no one to greet them. The house is open. Not cleaned. There’s traces of some kind of slime everywhere. The girls hadn’t heard of parasite-obsessed or alien worms, so they just called the landlady. Her cell phone was on the bedroom floor. It was weird! Hazel Moore and Jewelz Blu decided to leave this strange place. But the worms showed up and they couldn’t escape.

The parasite-obsessed girls had passionate lesbian sex in the rented cabin. They licked their wet pussies and moaned loudly in ecstasy. Slime flowed from their holes in streams, and they enjoyed cunnilingus and fingering. They didn’t need anything else.

Date: February 29, 2024

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