Lacy Lennon have zombie sex with her dead friends


After watching a zombie sex scene in some cheap horror movie, drunken friends went for a drive out of town. Their car went off the road and overturned. Almost everyone was killed. Only Lacy Lennon survived.

It’s been a year. The girl went through a lot of rehabilitation and still managed to forget about that terrible day, when all her friends died. And that’s when the weirdness started. Whispers at night. The voices of her friends in her head. Terrible nightmares. As if they were climbing out of their graves and pulling her to them. After that, poor Lacey Lennon stopped sleeping well at night. She gradually went mad.

One night, when the girl wanted to get some sleep, they came for her. First in her sleep. So when she woke up in her bedroom, she decided to go to the cemetery and set the record straight. She was sure it was all in her head and nothing would happen to her at the cemetery. She just needed to check on her friends. But that’s not really what happened. As soon as the girl arrived at the cemetery, the dead friends really came to life and crawled out of their graves. But they didn’t kill her. And they didn’t even eat her brains. The living dead jumped on Lacy Lennon and started fucking her. Having sex with the four of them just in the graveyard, they growled, moaned, and screamed. One zombie guy and two zombie girls fucked a scared friend they hadn’t seen in a year. The sex orgy in the cemetery went on long enough. But how did it end? Maybe zombie sex made the dead guys forgive their girlfriend? Or did they, on the contrary, kill her and eat her? Watch in horror porn on our site!

Date: December 1, 2023

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