Two possessed women hard fuck husband Vince Carter


Possessed people all around! What are they obsessed with? And can it even be called obsession? For in reality, they are simply infected with a slime of alien parasites that infiltrate the bodies and minds of humans. There are more and more of them, and humanity is approaching the end of existence little by little.

Two women possessed by parasites in the office and enjoyed fantastic lesbian sex. But the alien creatures that have taken over their minds are not enough. Continuing to control Cherry Kiss and Valentina Nappi slimy worms move in their bodies to the house of the boss of the firm. Her husband is just about to arrive home and a not so pleasant surprise awaits him – an encounter with his infected wife, her friend and parasite possession.

But female parasite possession does not mean that the male cannot have the same parasites. And as soon as Vince Carter is home, he is attacked by two naked, sexy females. They’re hungry for sex. And he can give it to them. but at what cost? No matter how hard Vince resists, Valentina and Cherry are stronger. When they get to his big cock, they take turns sucking it. As soon as one of them sits on his face, the slime from her vagina is in his mouth. That’s it, he’s infected too. There’s no stopping it. Just like the sex apocalypse that the entire planet Earth is waiting for. Would you like to see it? Don’t miss horror porn with slippery alien slugs and take care of yourself.

Date: September 6, 2023

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