Sexy Bloody Mary fucks a man in the bathroom


Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary … if you say her name three times in front of the bathroom mirror in the dark, she’ll appear. It’s an old urban legend that kids and old people alike know. Everybody knows her. And everybody’s afraid to do what it says. You don’t know if Bloody Mary’s going to show up behind you and kill you. It’s best not to check it out.

But our hero took a chance. A bottle of gin he drank a while ago gave him courage. He just went into the bathroom and said so. Said “Bloody Mary” three times and…. nothing happened. Satisfied, he went to watch TV and when he came back to the bathroom – there were bloody barefoot footprints on the floor. The frightened man began to wipe the floor, but the blood reappeared. Then more. There was more and more blood. And then Bloody Mary appeared in the bathroom – a scary bloody girl. But she was naked, and the man’s cock immediately became hard. Seeing his cock, the monster started sucking it. A deep blowjob turned the man on to the max. Putting the girl in a doggy pose, he entered her pussy from behind. The man fucked Bloody Mary hard and fast. And the blood in the bathtub was getting bigger and bigger.

When he cums on her face, he thought all the bad stuff was over. But it wasn’t. Bloody Mary didn’t just come for his cock. She wanted a man’s blood. All of his blood.

Date: November 14, 2023
Actors: Alexis Crystal

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