Rae Lil Black’s toilet encounter with facehugger’s tentacles


Long and slippery facehugger’s tentacles await you in the most unusual places. For example, in a public toilet at a water park. That’s creepy!

Busty Asian girl Rae Lil Black had no idea what was waiting for her in a toilet stall in a water park. The swimsuit-clad beauty came to pee after a few non-alcoholic mojitos, and at the same time to take selfies for social networking. But suddenly the lights started flickering and a facehugger popped out of the toilet. The Asian woman didn’t even have time to squeak, and the monster jumped into her face. He covered her nose and mouth, so that Rae Lil Black was suffocating. As she nearly passed out, slippery long tentacles appeared. They wrapped around the girl’s naked body and penetrated her wet holes. The facehugger’s tentacles fucked the busty Asian Rae Lil Black and then the facehugger sucked on her pussy. The Asian girl’s pussy was throbbing with orgasms and the tentacles were getting bigger and bigger. They were throbbing, too. And were ejecting a lot of cum-like liquid that covered the beautiful Asian girl’s hot body. They flooded her with cum, filling the girl’s mouth and her pussy with it. When the facehugger’s tentacles crawled away, Rae Lil Black took a long time to come, with alien cum flowing out of all her holes.

Date: January 2, 2024
Actors: Rae Lil Black

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