Tentacles fuck beautiful Asian prisoner Emiri Momota


In this prison, the tentacles fuck all the inmates who got here for a long time. What are these tentacles? One horrible monster that lives in the dingy, damp walls of Block A, where no prisoners have been held for a long time. He lives there, and to ensure that he always stays there, he is brought tribute – beautiful girls. The monster with tentacles fucks them in all their holes and fills them with his cum-slime. Satisfied with this, he keeps his evil in check and doesn’t kill anyone. And so it goes on forever. Otherwise, if he doesn’t get another beautiful prisoner, he will break free and kill everyone.

Emiri Momota didn’t get into prison by accident. She killed her boyfriend and his mistress when she caught them in bed. She got 12 years in prison for it. In her first month, she saw horror. The warden brought Emiri Momota to an abandoned prison cell block. She was naked and cold. She did not know what was going to be done to her. Suddenly, the warden ran away somewhere and the Asian girl was left alone in the dark. Long and slippery tentacles came from everywhere. The monster sat in the darkness, running its tentacles toward the frightened girl, who began to scream. One of the tentacles penetrated the Asian girl’s pussy and the other gagged her. The tentacles fucked Emiri Momota and then filled her with alien slime. For a few minutes they let her go, and then more tentacles came crawling in.

Emiri Momota felt them fill her inside. And then there was so much alien slime inside her that her belly inflated and became very large. Only then did they leave her alone. The Asian woman lay on the floor of the prison cell block and spent a long time replaying in her head how the tentacles fuck her.

Date: November 28, 2023
Actors: Emiri Momota

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