Infected Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kimm have lesbian sex in slime


Asian girlfriends Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim have long dreamed of lesbian sex with each other. But they’ve been shy about admitting it. The girls continued to be friends, but always wanted more…..

One day, Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim were watching horror movies together on TV when they turned on the breaking news. The announcer was saying in an alarmed voice that something strange and even scary was happening in the country. Some alien parasites were attacking people and taking control of them. Everyone around them is oozing slime and….. fucking. The girls just laughed at this news. But when they got outside – it was no laughing matter. The friends saw that there was no one on the street except them, and there were cocoons lying everywhere. While the girls were walking, one of the worms crawled up to them and penetrated Kimmy’s pussy. The infected Asian girl came home with her friend Lulu and then attacked her. The parasite possession was shown to the max. The possessed girl attacked her friend’s pussy and started licking it. A worm came out of Kimmy’s mouth and penetrated Lulu’s pussy. She became one of them too.

The sex scene with the parasite and the two Asian girls went on long enough. They didn’t want to stop. The girls had lesbian sex, licking each other’s pussies. Slime was flowing from all the girls’ holes. It was everywhere. But it did not stop Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim from enjoying cunnilingus and pussy rubbing. When the Asians came at the same time, they went to town with glassy eyes…. in search of new victims for lesbian sex.

Date: November 16, 2023
Actors: Kimmy Kimm / Lulu Chu

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