Lexi Lore and Melody Marks lesbian sex after kiss of parasite


Blonde scientist Lexi Lore has never had lesbian sex. She never even thought about sex as her work took up all her time. The girl lived on work and she didn’t need friends, love, sex. Until the day someone brought her a mysterious package.

Lexi Lore brought it home and unpacked it. Inside was a sample of some kind of worm and a note…. “Research this for me. I will pay you generously.” The girl wasn’t interested in money. She was a scientist and she just wanted to research this strange dead worm to make some kind of discovery. The pretty girl did all the necessary tests and studied the object. And after that she went to bed. But the dead worm turned out to be alive and got into her hot pussy in the middle of the night.

A couple hours later, a stranger came to her house. It was her mystery client Melody Marks. She knew very well that the alien parasite was alive and it had attacked the scientist. She came to make sure that she had already become a lesbian zombie…. and have lesbian sex with her. Once in her bedroom, the customer just waited….. and she came. A kiss from the parasite sealed their lesbian relationship and they enjoyed passionate sex with vivid orgasms.

Date: January 28, 2024

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