Russian man hard fuck Sadako stuck in the TV


Shouting something like “Fuck Sadako,” the Russian man watched the scary videotape on a bet. Nothing happened and he won his $10. But what he didn’t know was that the dead girl only comes to those who watched the videotape after 7 days.

Seven days passed. The man was sitting in his house watching TV. They were showing some porn. But he wanted something light and soothing. Suddenly the TV started switching to the same channel – the same video with the dead girl. She had climbed out of the well and was walking just at the man. When the scary girl started climbing out of the telly, he even got scared. But everything turned out all right… Sadako got stuck in the TV. Again repeating his crowning phrase “Fuck Sadako“, he pulled out a hard dick and shoved it into her mouth. Sadako’s eyes widened in surprise, but she meekly sucked the cock. The TV beauty sucked the cock deeply and sloppy, and then felt it in her pussy. Excited Russian man just attached himself from behind to the telly and put the slut in her pussy.

After a hard fucking Sadako got a portion of cum in her mouth and barely crawled away to her well. But she liked the way she got fucked so much that she decided to come to this man one more time…and maybe a couple more times.

Date: January 9, 2024
Actors: Octokuro

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