Dead girl from the lake is fucked hard by a man


The man decided to relax and swim in the lake, which according to legends was inhabited by a dead girl. But he did not believe that the drowned woman supposedly attacks all those who swim in this lake and drowns them. Childish nonsense. So the man drank a beer and jumped into the lake from a bungee cord. But no sooner had he enjoyed the coolness of the lake than someone grabbed him by the leg. He turned sharply to the shore and swam, struggling with the creature that was holding him and pulling him to the bottom. The man turned out to be strong and not only saved himself, but also pulled the dead girl to dry land.

She fought back. But when she saw his big hard cock, she immediately calmed down. The man started to fuck the slut hard in her cunt, listening to her moans and screams. Then his cock was in her mouth. The dead girl sucked dick better than most live girls. She swallowed it down to her balls and didn’t choke on it. Continuing to fuck her already on dry land, the man stuck his fingers in the cunt of the lake nymph and made her cum squirt. After that he himself cum on her face and pushed her off the bridge into the lake. So to her!

Date: January 11, 2024

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