Group zombie sex with a squad of elite SWAT cops


Horrible zombie sex did not even dream in nightmares guys from a squad of elite police officers from SWAT special forces, who were sent on a special mission. Several brave men and three women with automatic rifles in their hands broke into a building where there were many infected people. A new strain of COVID-19 has gotten to them, and now they have all turned into zombies. Silent, stupid, hungry for only one thing….. animal sex in all their holes.

The cops followed protocol and quietly entered the building. At first glance it looked quiet, but in fact the building was full of zombies. The living dead were hiding in the dark and waiting for someone with a juicy ass and tight tits to come closer to them. Officer Vanna Bardot was the first to fall into the monster’s clutches. Biting her hot body, the dead man quickly got to the blonde’s tits and pussy and inserted his stinking cock into her. The other girls rushed to run, while the guys shot at the zombie with all their weapons. But it was too late. Wild zombies caught all the beauties and started to fuck them hard in all their holes. Hard anal turned the asses of the cops into pieces of meat, but the zombies kept fucking them without stopping. After such a hard monster sex no one has ever survived.

Will the cops from SWAT Squad be able to pick from the cursed place with infected on COVID-19? Or will it become a graveyard for them? There aren’t a lot of options in the troublemakers. Watch group zombie sex live with us and you will love horror porn forever.

Date: September 6, 2023

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