Slutty woman with three boobs fucks a brothel client


Sex with a woman with three boobs is no longer a myth or legend. Such a phenomenon is real in our world….. in a world of ecological and man-made disasters and constant wars with the use of various dangerous weapons. One such beauty Karol Lilien lives in a house of freaks – a brothel, where prostitutes are unusual women.

It is in the girl with three tits and came a young guy. He has never been in a brothel before. But everything in life happens for the first time. The guy earned money and came to spend it on sex with a freak girl. There were different prostitutes around: Siamese twins, a blonde with a monster pussy and even a girl with a double pussy. But he chose a blonde with three breasts who was sexy dancing at the pole. The guy’s cock hardened when he saw those cool tits with nipple piercings. He approached her and she immediately took him to the fucking room. Kneeling down, the unusual girl gave a deep blowjob to the client. As soon as she spread her legs, the guy’s cock was in her shaved pussy. He tried to give her pleasure and fucked the blonde hard and deep. She moaned and it excited her even more. Of course, after the sex the guy cum on the prostitute’s tits. Beautiful girl with three boobs Karol Lilien smeared cum on them, took the money and went to dance further. The evening was a success!

Date: January 8, 2024
Actors: Karol Lilien

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