Masked maniac brutally fucks the girls from a noisy group


A masked maniac killed many people in the town of Crawdale before leaving the town and taking refuge in an abandoned forest cabin. For a long time no one came to the area and the psychopath killed only animals in the woods. And now he finally got lucky…

Young guys were on their way to another city for a sex party. The girls wanted to pee and they turned off the road onto a forest path. After only a quarter mile, they saw a strange empty cabin. The girls jumped out of the van and started peeing just in front of it. They thought no one was there. But there was a masked maniac there. He was following them. He killed the driver first and dragged him down to the basement. Next, one of the girls was kidnapped. He raped her brutally as soon as he put the mask on her.

The rest of the guys couldn’t get the car started. When they found their friend’s naked body, they panicked. They ran in different directions and the masked maniac easily caught everyone. He killed the guys. But he raped the girls in the ass. He stretched their anal holes and pissed all over them. But that was just the beginning… the beginning of the game with the maniac.

Date: January 24, 2024

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