The Red Pain

«The ‎Red Pain» BDSM nightclub. Strange name, isn’t it? Although in such establishments everything will seem strange for an ordinary person. Pain is the foundation of BDSM. That much is clear. But why red pain? Hmm, have you ever experienced real pain? That’s the clue.

The third victim

– We got a lead! – shouted one of the detectives who were surveying the crime scene and combing the area, – Here, Agent Galloway, take a look at this.

– What do we got, Agent Kelsey? – Agent Galloway, a dark-haired, beautiful young woman of 35 who had served the law for almost ten years and had seen a lot of things on the job, slowly and cautiously approached where her partner was standing.

– It’s a matchbook. But it’s no ordinary matchbook. It’s a matchbook from some place called, uh, Red Pain.

– A great lead, considering there was nothing near the other two victims’ bodies.

FBI agent in the woods

Samantha Galloway picked up the evidence bag, examined the matchbook closely, and handed it to the lab guy and returned to the corpse. A dead naked girl covered in blood was lying just under a tree, not far from the highway. She had been found a few hours ago by a guy who runs around here every morning. The coroners had already done what they needed to do and were about to take her to the morgue. But Samantha needed to take another look at her. She took a seat next to the corpse. Agent Galloway looked at the lacerations on the girl’s body, the deep gash on her neck and the rope marks on her wrists – “This girl was tightly bound and tortured before her throat was slit. Just like the other two girls. We’re dealing with a serial killer.”

As the coroners took the girl’s body and left, Agent Galloway, along with Agent Kelsey, drove to the station. After comparing all three cases that lay before them, they were able to isolate only one piece of evidence – this matchbox. It was lying on the table. Samantha scrutinized it carefully and said:

«‎The Red Pain» BDSM nightclub … hmm, the perfect place to look for a victim. The killer is clearly one of the VIPs of this disgusting establishment. What should we do? Why don’t we go over there and talk to the owner or the manager?

– I don’t think that’s a good idea, – Agent Kelsey said, – Usually such places don’t cooperate with the justice system. They have their own world with their own rules.

– Then I’ll become part of that world and find out everything. I’m sure those other two girls died at the hands of a maniac after being in that club.

– What are you up to, Samantha?

– I’m gonna go to that club tonight and see if I can catch a killer on the lam. Or at least find out something.

– It could be dangerous. I wouldn’t take that risk if I were you.

– I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. Don’t worry about me.

– I’ll go with you.

– They won’t let you in, – Samantha smiled and put her hand on her partner’s shoulder, – I’m sorry, but you don’t look like a BDSM guy.

– Huh, you’re right about that, – the skinny Agent Kelsey adjusted his small round glasses and continued to look through the case file, – But I’m still not letting you go in there alone. I’ll go with you and sit in the car.

Office romance

Agent Galloway looked stunning in the short red dress with the deep cleavage. No one would ever guess that she worked for the FBI. In that dress, the beautiful brunette with the long legs looked more like a girl of easy virtue. Agent Kelsey had never seen his partner in that dress…so beautiful and sexy.

Agents or lovers?

– What do you think? – Samantha scrutinized Brian’s reaction, – Is it that bad? Or is it good?

– You’re gorgeous, – the guy couldn’t take his eyes off this beauty, with whom he had worked together for more than five years, – Maybe next time you’ll wear it for me?

– Agent Kelsey, what kind of questions are these? – Samantha blushed, but also felt a slight thrill.

– No, no, we’re not at work, so I’m Brian. You remember?

– Of course I remember. So you want me to wear it for you, huh? – Saying that, Samantha got as close to Brian as possible and kissed him passionately. The beauty’s wet tongue ended up in the guy’s mouth and he licked it. Her hands slid down her dress. Brian pulled down Samantha’s panties and began rubbing her clit. She gasped with arousal, moaned and continued to kiss him as he gave her unreal pleasure. Yes, they had been lovers for years. But no one even knew about it, because they were FBI agents and knew how to keep secrets and cover their tracks. But now they were alone and not at work, so they could relax. Brian nestled his lips against his coworker’s shaved pussy and gave her cunnilingus. His cock got hard. As soon as his saliva mixed with Samantha’s vaginal juices, he entered her. Moving faster and faster, the guy worked his cock like a jackhammer. Abruptly pulling it out and putting the brunette on all fours, he entered her again from behind. He liked to fuck her in a doggy style position. That way he could grab the beauty by the hair and spank her tight beautiful ass. She liked that too, by the way. He fucked Samantha in this position for about five minutes and then she sat on his cock. The brunette moved much faster in the riding position and soon felt Brian’s cock start to throb. Then she slid off him and finished it all off with her hand. A fountain of cum splattered onto the guy’s stomach and she stayed clean. She would hate to get that lewd dress dirty. Samantha had a job waiting for her…

A dangerous venture

In a short sexy dress and with bright makeup, a spectacular brunette took a liking to a huge bouncer who stood at the entrance to a BDSM nightclub. The man didn’t even ask Samantha how she knew about their establishment (as he had been trained to do) and let her in. It was very…red inside. All the walls were hung with red colored LED lights. They didn’t call this establishment «The Red Pain»‎ for nothing. Slowly walking down the long corridor to the big hall where music was playing and naked girls were dancing, Samantha looked around. She needed to find: first, the person who could tell her everything about this club, and second, perhaps even the maniac himself. Samantha had a distinct feeling that he was here. He probably came here every day.

The beautiful brunette sat down at the bar and ordered herself a «Sex on the Beach». Just then several men sat down next to her and started hitting on Samantha, openly talking about sex with all sorts of perversions. But as soon as she stepped away from the topic of sex and asked about the club, those men abruptly left. Suddenly, an unassuming man with glasses sat down next to her. He ordered a couple of shots and slid one to her. The man was silent, but Samantha immediately realized that he wanted the same thing from her as everyone else in the place. Men and women come to this BDSM club for one thing – hardcore sex with different fetishes.

– This is your first time here… what brings you to this place? – the stranger did speak.

– I wanted a new thrill. You know everyone here, don’t you?

– I come here a lot. So you could say that. A thrill is exactly what is needed for those who are bound by the routine of modern life. There’s a lot I could tell you and show you.

– Really? I’d love to hear… and see, – Samantha’s mind went blank. She hadn’t had much to drink, but she felt like she was going to fall off her feet, -What did I drink?

– This shot is called «BDSM Night»‎. Enjoy!

Samantha managed to get up and walk towards the exit, and then her legs gave out and she fell. No one even paid attention to it. The girl’s eyes went dark, as if someone had turned off the lights. Then the music stopped playing. Samantha lost consciousness.

A deadly S&M encounter

Naked Samantha lay on the cold table, her arms and legs bound by tight ropes. Slowly coming to her senses, she tried to lift her arm and then her leg… but she failed. Standing next to her was the same stranger who had given her some kind of sleeping pill.

– I’m so glad you came to our club today, – the man said and held up some whips.

– What are you going to do? Let me go right now! You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, – Samantha said, not quite sure, because deep down she knew he was the maniac.

– I’m the owner of this fine establishment and I can do whatever I want. I promised to show you all the delights of BDSM. And I will do it…

The whip came down sharply and painfully on the girl’s stomach, and she clenched with pain. The ropes dug even more into her limbs. It hurt unbearably, but Samantha didn’t even cry out. This hurt the sadist, and he began to whip the girl faster and harder. Of course, she wasn’t made of steel, so Samantha screamed loudly. Sweat protruded on the man’s face as he finished flogging her. Suddenly, the basement doors opened and some young couple walked in.

– Please help… – the tormented brunette said with difficulty, but her words were missed.

The man from the couple took a long-handled taser and began to tase Detective Galloway. He brought the taser up to her nipples and turned it on, then to her clit and turned it on again. His cock stood up as the pervert watched his slave girl suffer. His girlfriend was smiling as well. She grabbed metal clothespins with a chain and put them on the bound girl’s nipples. After pulling hard, almost ripping them off. It was a game to them, but Samantha was in a hell of a lot of pain.

After about ten minutes the couple left and some fat guy came in their place. He licked his lips as he looked at the naked bloody martyr and rubbed his cock with his hand through his pants. The sadistic man took a metal branding iron from the table and went to the furnace against the far wall. It quickly became red-hot and then the man pressed the branding iron against the slave’s breasts. The pain made her faint and he just walked away. Who else was abusing her, Samantha couldn’t know as she had been out for a long time.

The last few minutes

FBI agent in a BDSM club

Brian sensed something wrong when Samantha didn’t leave the establishment after an hour. He got out of the car and headed to the BDSM club. The bouncer at the entrance immediately got in his way and pushed him away.

– Get outta here! You’re not on the guest list. – roared the bouncer.

– How about that? – Brian pulled out his FBI badge.

The big guy was confused. He clearly hadn’t been briefed on what to do if the cops came, much less the FBI. He silently stepped away from the door, opening the way for the agent. Brian quickly entered the club and went downstairs. He approached each of the strange guys in the club and asked about the long legged brunette with the brown eyes, but no one had seen her. Brian didn’t believe what they said, but so what? He dashed around to all the rooms where stoned and drunk sadists and masochists whipped each other and had sex. Samantha was nowhere to be found.


When a tormented Samantha did regain consciousness, her body was mutilated. Her chest was a bloody mess, pierced with needles. And there were some strange symbols carved on her stomach, and there were lacerations everywhere. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t even lift her head – she was just lying on the table. The girl only heard the owner of the establishment speaking:

– Mr. Jackson, come in – she’s ready and all yours. You’re the winner of the auction today, so you can kill this bitch any way you want.

A tall man in dark clothing walked over to the table and picked up a knife. He stood next to Samantha, so that she could see him, and put the knife to her throat. A final tear rolled down the tortured girl’s cheek, and then the sharp, cold weapon took her life.


Running around the club pointlessly and not finding Samantha, Agent Kelsey called the station and called for backup. He explained the situation and the fact that he and Agent Galloway had gone on a mission without alerting anyone. Fifteen minutes later, the club was full of FBI agents and cops. They had combed every nook and cranny of the club and found a secret entrance to the basement. It was full of empty rooms…and nothing else. Agent Galloway disappeared. And most importantly, everyone at the club said the girl was never here. The owner of the place confirmed it. Of course, Brian knew it was a lie, but he had no proof. Resigned to defeat, he and his partners left. And the next morning, Samantha’s corpse was found in the same woods as the other three….

Revenge is a dish to be served piping hot

Samantha was found in the woods on Monday, and after an autopsy and all the standard morgue procedures, she was buried on Thursday. All these days, Brian hadn’t been himself. He realized it was the BDSM club that killed her, but there was no evidence at all. Forensics couldn’t find even a drop of blood in that horrible basement. It was as if no one had ever been killed there. But he knew all those girls had died there…and Samantha. Brian couldn’t just leave it at that. Those bastards were all in on it. This isn’t a BDSM club – it’s a club for murderers, perverts and maniacs. They don’t belong in this world.

Sunday night, Brian was outside «The ‎Red Pain» club again. He calmly approached a familiar bouncer and when he asked: “What do you want here again?”, he hit him over the head with his gun. Driving up to the club’s entrance in an old Chevrolet he had borrowed from the impound lot, he pulled four large gasoline cans out of the trunk. First, the FBI agent went down the steps into the club and poured the gasoline down the long hallway that connected all the perversion rooms. Then he went outside and poured gasoline on the walls. After blocking the door with the car, he got a box of matches (from the same club) and set everything on fire. The fire quickly spread throughout the building and got inside. Receiving terrible burns, the screaming clubgoers ran to the door, but there was a surprise waiting for them.

Brian stared at the flames for a couple minutes and listened to the howls and screams of the bastards who had killed Samantha. Granted, they weren’t all involved in her death, but they were still indirectly involved. As he turned away from the burning club to leave, Brian stopped for a moment and whispered:

– This is for you, Agent Galloway…I’m sorry, Samantha….

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