Castling is a king move in which two pieces move at the same time: king and rook. They change places. Just like in real life, anyone can switch places with anyone… and everything changes. Fully.

Work is the main thing

Attractive brunette with large natural breasts Jenny Ambrose was sitting at work on a Friday night as usual. Apart from her, there was no one in the editorial office. The girl’s colleagues had long since gone home and were doing household chores. And she was working. Jenny was a workaholic by nature and always put work first in her life. Today she was reading her article, which was to be published in the New Jersey Times on Monday. She knew perfectly well that there were no mistakes, but she still had to reread it ten times. Jenny planned to work until 9:45 p.m. and take the last bus home. But time flew by too fast and when she glanced at her watch again, it was already 9:59 p.m.

A girl walks alone in the park at night

– Fucking hell, – Jenny cursed out loud and began to quickly gather her papers into her bag and shut down her computer. She ran down the stairs, forgetting to say goodbye to the guard, and dashed outside. But no matter how hard she tried to make it, the last bus had already left, and she had to catch a cab. Everything would be all right, she had money for a cab, but at that time there were almost no cars near the editorial office. The girl stood for 10 minutes, then another 20 minutes, but no one came. She could have stood there until midnight. The only option left was to go through the park to the hospital, near which there were always many cabs. But Jenny was afraid to go through the park. It was deserted and dark there at this time. There was no telling what might be waiting in the dark for a weak and defenseless girl. But there was nothing to do. The busty beauty took a deep breath, clenched her hands into fists and walked towards the park. Jenny thought that she would pass the dangerous area very quickly and nothing would happen to her. But she was wrong…

The park was even darker than Jenny had imagined. She walked very fast and thought about why they couldn’t make proper lighting here. That thought stuck in her head… which someone suddenly and hard hit from behind. A bright flash, a dull pain and nothing else. Jenny blacked out.

Painful awakening

The loud buzzing in her head and the unrelenting pain brought Jenny back to reality. At first she thought she was blind, but it was just blood in her eyes. Blood was everywhere: in her hair, in her eyes, in her mouth. She tried to touch the spot that hurt so infernally, but she couldn’t. The girl’s hands were bound with rope behind her back. Even turning her head was difficult. Every movement was accompanied by bright flashes and horrible ringing. Jenny was nauseous. She probably had a concussion. Trying to look around and realize where she was and what had been done to her, she blacked out again.

Maniac and victim

– Wake up, beautiful! – A loud shout brought Jenny to her senses again, -Are you going to sleep here until morning?

Jenny couldn’t answer. She was still very sick. The pain had clearly lessened, the nausea was gone, the blood had already caked… sleep had clearly done her good. Looking up, she saw a silhouette five meters away from her. It was a big man: tall, with broad shoulders like a quarterback and a small beer belly. She couldn’t make out his face-it was kind of black. When he came a couple of feet closer, Jenny realized it was a black mask. The masked maniac was staring at her, clutching a bloody bat in his hands.

– What are you looking at, beautiful? You want to get acquainted or what? – Maniac looked at the bloody girl with bound eyes for a minute, and then added – Why are you silent? I’m talking to you!

– Who are you? – Girl mumbled with difficulty, – What do you want?

– Wrong answer, – he came even closer, – I want to know your name. Tell me!

– Jenny, – the girl said calmly, as if her fear had magically disappeared.

– That’s better! I’m not to be trifled with! – He took Jenny’s purse, pulled out her ID and looked at it, – Jenny Ambrose, uh, didn’t lie. Good girl. Honestly, Jenny, you’re out of luck.

– What are you going to do to me? – The girl said even more calmly and confidently, and that made the maniac a little wary.

– And we’re about to find out!

The maniac came as close as possible and slapped Jenny. Fresh blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, but the girl didn’t even yelp. He lifted her up, untied her arms and threw her to the floor again – she remained silent. This made the formidable big masked man even angrier – he had never encountered such silent girls before. This was already his 6th victim and all of them squeaked and screamed from beginning to end. This whore was silent and seemed thoughtful or something. Maybe it was the concussion. He wished he could hear her scream. He punched her in the face with his fist and heard the cracking of teeth. A few immediately fell to the floor, along with a new batch of scarlet blood. Jenny mewled something in pain, but it was definitely not the cry of a frightened girl. Continuing to abuse his bloody victim, the maniac pinned her to the ground with himself and tore her panties. He started shoving his barely aroused cock into her pussy and mumbled something in Jenny’s ear. The masked man breathed heavily and continued his attempts to enter his victim. When he succeeded, he began to move back and forth as hard as he could, but the girl remained silent…no moans, no screams no pleas for help. A little over a minute passed and the maniac couldn’t hold back any longer and cum deep into Jenny’s vagina. The fact that she continued to remain silent confused him even more. He wondered if this was the bitch’s way of messing with him… silently saying, “You’re a loser at sex. A total zero.” That pissed the maniac off:

Maniac is going to kill a girl with a knife

– I’ll show you what a zero I am, – He grabbed the bat, spit on Jenny’s ass and started shoving the handle into her anal hole.

The girl was clearly in a lot of pain and disgusted, but she was still silent. Not a sound. The handle went in for a couple of centimeters, then a couple more, and came back out sharply. There was blood on it, too. Throwing the bat on the basement floor, the maniac said:

– Are you going to keep quiet like that? You’re a badass, huh? Then we’ll finish with you!

He slowly went to the table, on which he had a whole arsenal of cold weapons. The pervert was thinking about how he could kill this bitch so that she would scream loudly before she died. Maybe stab her in the stomach? Or slash her throat?

But the maniac had no time to make up his mind – a heavy bat came down on his head from behind. It was reckless to leave it on the floor near his victim. The bloodied and raped girl stood behind him… and was silent.

Unexpected castling

Soon the maniac woke up. His name was Carl Manson – Jenny saw it on his driver’s license, which was in his jacket pocket. He immediately started twitching and lashing out, but the strong ropes held him. Jenny tied him up nicely and sat beside him.

– Bitch, unties me quickly! – Carl roared, – I’ll kill you! I’ll tear you to pieces!

The silence in response quieted the maniac a little. He realized that he was in a bad way and now he was going to jail for a long time.

– Did you call the cops yet? – Fear appeared in the man’s eyes – I should have killed you right away. You bitch!

– I didn’t call the cops. We don’t need that. I’m going to play a game with you. You’ve got the tools for it, – Jenny grabbed a couple of sharp knives and a screwdriver off the table.

– What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Shove your games up your ass!

– Oh, good idea, by the way, – Jenny smiled. It was the first emotion on her face since she’d been in this filthy basement.

Jenny picked up the bat she had recently been raped in the ass with. Coming up behind the bound man, she pulled down his pants and spat between his buttocks.

– Aaaaah, don’t do that! You bitch! No!

– You’re gonna love it… handsome.

The bat handle did its job. Just as it had recently hurt Jenny like hell, now it was doing it to Carl. But unlike the girl, the man was screaming at the top of his voice. Pulling out the tool, the girl looked at the resulting hole in the man’s ass and smiled contentedly.

– Now you are the king of assfuckers! Why are you crying?

– Enough, please let me go. Or call the cops already. I’m ready to answer for what I’ve done before the law.

– Come on, don’t cry. We don’t need the cops. I know how to make you pay for what you did. Let’s keep playing, – Jenny was as horny as ever, – I read somewhere that a man who comes quickly should hurt himself during sex. It’s kind of distracting and delays ejaculation. Why don’t we try it?

– What’s on your mind? Don’t hurt me, please!

– You’re not as scary as you were when we first met. Aren’t you, handsome?

Jenny moved the chair closer to the bound Carl, so that his cock and scrotum were on top of it. Looking into the frightened man’s eyes, she began stroking his flaccid cock. Slowly he was becoming aroused despite the fact that Carl clearly didn’t want sex right now. Once his cock was hard, the playful busty brunette began to jerk him off. The bound man moaned with pleasure. Two minutes passed as the penis in the girl’s hand began to throb. Releasing it, Jenny hit the poor man’s balls with the bat as hard as she could. It worked. He didn’t cum. Except that Carl screamed in a different voice and shook his whole body as if in convulsions. It looked like he was going to pass out from the pain, but he didn’t. When he stopped screaming, Carl just dropped his head to his chest and continued to whimper. Jenny’s hand reached for the failed maniac’s cock again. But no matter what she did to him, he was no longer aroused.

– I think your toy is broken, handsome, – Jenny thought it was funny, – So you don’t need it anymore.

The girl ran away from the maniac

With these words the girl grabbed a butcher knife on the table next to her and with all her might struck where the base of his cock was. Chick. The penis along with the scrotum remained on the stool, and the bound man almost flew up on the spot. Now his screams were sure to be heard throughout the neighborhood. But the girl paid no attention to them. She sat staring at the blood that was pouring from the spot where Carl’s cock had just been. Like crazy, she smiled.

– Well, that makes us even, – Jenny stood up and walked to the door, – I’ll leave you here. Think about your behavior, handsome.

– No, please. I’m bleeding. I’m gonna die in here.

– I can’t help you. I’ve wasted enough time on you already. And I need to rest up for a long week of work. Have a good day, handsome!

As Jenny closed the cellar doors, she could still hear Carl’s screams, pleading and cursing for a long time. Climbing the stairs, she made her way out into some long hallway and then found her way outside. It was a familiar place to her. The closed factory next to her house. It was very dark, but Jenny found her way. No one noticed the bloody girl in torn clothes walking across the street. And no one heard Carl’s screams coming from the basement of the factory.

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