Suffering at first sight

Falling in love, love or suffering at first sight are the strongest emotions. After all, the first impression and the first emotion is the basis of a relationship. But most often it is mistaken….

It’s fate

Lisa's having coffee at the cafe

The blond-haired girl Lisa woke up from the sunlight penetrating through the sheer curtains. The morning promised to be full of new beginnings and possibilities. Getting out of bed, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: a complete mess on her head and circles under her eyes. Lisa smiled to herself and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower and dressing nicely, Lisa headed to a cozy cafe around the corner of her house. She usually had breakfast there and then went about her business. This day, with a cup of coffee and a fresh croissant, she dreamily looked out the window, watching the morning bustle. Everyone was running somewhere. In a hurry. And only Lisa could afford to relax. She was a writer and worked only when the muse visited her. The rest of the time she did everything to make the muse come to her as soon as possible: sat in cafes, went to the library, swam in the pool and did fitness and yoga. She had no plans for today. But they suddenly appeared when Lisa noticed someone. In the café, the blonde noticed a modest young man sitting at a separate table with a book in his hands. He looked up, meeting Lisa’s gaze, and her heart sank. There was some special warmth and depth in his eyes. Unexpectedly, Lisa resolutely headed towards his table.

– Hi, I’m Lisa. I just saw you and wanted to ask, “Do you often sit here?” – She asked with a smile, feeling her inner warmth blossom instantly. The stranger looked up, answering with his humble smile:

– Hi, no, not as often as I’d like. But I was lucky enough to drop by here today. My name is Alex, by the way. And you are?

– I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you, too, Lisa.

Lisa met Alex

From that moment Lisa’s morning became not only fresh, but also full of incredible opportunities. The day flew by quickly and weightlessly, as if magic had touched the ordinary. Lisa and Alex traveled around the city, walked in the park, laughed and discovered common interests. Every moment was filled with joy and mutual attraction. The sunset was flooding the streets with orange and pink light when they decided to end the day. Alex, looking into her eyes, suggested:

– Why don’t you invite me to your place?

Lisa smiled, agreeing to this step into an uncharted world. The girl obviously didn’t expect such a thing, but she couldn’t refuse the guy she liked at first sight. They headed towards Lisa’s house, discussing the day’s experiences and sharing moments of laughter. Arriving at her door, Lisa invited Alex inside. Throughout the day, she never wondered what that big bag in Alex’s hands was, or what he carried in there all day.

A romantic evening

There was an air of excitement and incredible possibilities in her cozy living room. Candlelight danced on the walls, creating coziness and warmth. They talked, sharing their dreams and fears, feeling their bond grow stronger in every word. As the night became incredibly quiet, Lisa looked up, meeting Alex’s gaze, and said:

– Thank you for a wonderful day. I’m glad you’re here.

– I’m incredibly happy that I came to that cafe today and met you. I think it was fate.

With those words, she felt their hands find each other in an embrace and their hearts beat in unison in anticipation of a new beginning. They kissed for a long time, not taking their eyes off each other for even a moment. Alex’s hand lay on Lisa’s knee and slowly crept higher, right under her dress. The girl tensed a little, and the guy immediately pulled back.

– I’m sorry… – Alex started to say.

– Why? It’s okay. I just want to go to the bathroom and powder my nose, – Lisa bent over, kissed the guy sweetly and simultaneously stroked his cock through his pants. Then she stood up, winked at him and walked away.

Pain and pleasure

After taking a shower, Lisa returned to her new acquaintance, whom she had fallen in love with at first sight. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. The blonde pushed the guy on the bed, and herself danced a striptease for him. Left without clothes, the beauty pulled down Alex’s pants and began to lick his hard cock. It turned out that the girl was not so modest as she seemed at first glance. She knew how to suck cock and showed her talents to Alex. The guy only enjoyed the blowjob, and then he himself found himself between Lisa’s legs. He looked into the eyes of the horny blonde and said:

– Do you have a couple of silk scarves? I want to show you something.

– Yes, look in the closet behind me.

Alex opened the closet and took out some scarves. He tied both of Lisa’s hands tightly to the bed with one and blindfolded her with the other. She trusted him and … He was back between her legs and began to lick her pussy gently. Lisa moaned and arched her whole body. The guy’s tongue was actively playing with her clit. When his fingers were inside her slit, she gasped. Skillfully caressing her with his fingers and tongue, Alex made Lisa experience an orgasm in a few minutes. Then there was a pause. The satisfied girl was coming to her senses and waited for the hard hot cock to penetrate her wet throbbing pussy. But Alex seemed to pull away.

– Alex? I want you! Come inside me and fuck me properly…please…I want it so bad!

Lisa's tied to the bed

But instead of a hard cock, she felt her legs grabbed tightly and they too were tied to the bed. Lisa was crucified on the bed and couldn’t move, just as she couldn’t take the blindfold off her eyes and see what was going on.

– Well, that’s a bit much, Alex! You didn’t have to tie me up…” but she didn’t have time to finish. She was gagged, and Lisa was silent. In her head she was thinking: “What the hell?”, “Where did he get that gag?”, “What is he up to?”, “What a fool I was when I let a strange guy into my house”. But the thoughts quickly flew away when she was slapped painfully on her stomach. With a whip or a rod…she didn’t realize, but it hurt like hell. A blow. Another blow. Then a pause and then another blow. The poor girl twitched and mooed in pain, but surely no one could hear her. At the same time, the sadist was silent. He just beat Lisa… and kept quiet.

The flogging ended. After a long pause, when the bound girl already thought that Alex had left, the torture resumed. This time a thin, sharp needle pierced the skin on Lisa’s arm. She twitched as hard as she could. Pain pierced every nerve ending of the girl. But that was only the beginning. The next needle ended up in Lisa’s other arm. Then the sadist pierced her nipple. The second nipple. Blood oozed from all the blonde’s wounds, but there was very little of it. Alex knew where and how to insert the needles, so that it would be very painful, but at the same time safe for life. He abused the bound girl and enjoyed it. When the needle pierced the girl’s labia, she almost passed out. Then he stopped. But the pain didn’t stop for a second. Lisa ached all over where the needles had just been inserted. And then something else stabbed painfully at her stomach and was going up to her chest. Alex had used the Wartenberg wheel. It was clear to Lisa now why Alex had such a large bag and what he was carrying in there. This BDSM master had an arsenal of torture tools in there. And he used them all.

Painful orgasm

Hand in Lisa's pussy

The blonde girl Lisa was like in a stupefaction. The day had started so wonderfully, but now she was in pain and afraid to die. After all, Alex (and most likely his name is not Alex) was probably going to kill her after all the torture. She lay there, and it was hard for her to even move a finger….it hurt so much. And that’s when her torturer changed strategy. A couple drops of some cool gel fell on the girl’s pubes, and then a vibrator pressed against her clit. It felt good, but the pain went nowhere. Then one finger of the BDSM master entered her pussy, and then the second, third… It seemed he wasn’t going to stop. Using a lot of lube, the guy silently tried to insert his fist into the blonde’s pussy. Lisa was terrified and it seemed to her that he just wanted to tear her from the inside out. But when the fist entered fully, she felt incredible pleasure. The pain seemed to fade into the background. The sadist’s hand moved back and forth a couple of centimeters, but it was enough to get Lisa high. She was cumming. And much harder this time. And a couple minutes later, she cummed again. The girl was shaking in ecstasy. This had never happened to her before. Alex’s hand left her distended vagina, and then one of her hands was released. Lisa wanted to release herself immediately, but she didn’t have the strength. She lay there and didn’t move. She was still in pain, but it was somewhere out there – over the horizon, and right in front of her there was only pleasure and some strange sick joy. Lisa fell asleep tied to the bed, and an hour later she woke up to the fact that her arms and legs were very stiff and everything hurt again. Then she took off the blindfold. The girl was alone in the bedroom. Alex was long gone. He had left. Untying the rest of the scarf, Lisa slowly got out of bed and wandered to the bathroom. She needed to wash off the blood and gel. Or should that not have been done? She stopped and thought for a moment. Perhaps she should call the police right away? But what would they do? Would they look for the guy who had probably come to their small town today and had long since left. Or they won’t even do that, because he: a) didn’t rape her (no semen); b) didn’t beat her; c) didn’t kill her. After standing in the hallway for a couple minutes, she decided to take a shower and not call the cops after all. After all, Lisa ended up liking what Alex had done to her. Even though he had scared her and hurt her, she had never had such an orgasm before. It was love at first sight. Or not like that. It was suffering at first sight. Now she wanted to do it again. There was another member of the BDSM club.

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