Salvation in death (part 1)

Salvation in death… how can that be? Can death save a life? Of course it can, if one dies who is able to take the life of many others… then death is the only way.

Crazy hunt

Adam on the hunt

Adam River, a young clerk, was wading through impenetrable branches and bushes in a dense forest. Mosquitoes bit his face and his hands were scratched by some plants, but he was happy.  He had finally gotten out to hunt in the woods. The guy had been dreaming of this day for six months and now he had been given a vacation at work so he could fulfill his dream. Adam wanted to be on the hunt for at least 5 days and to shoot something big: moose, wild boar or maybe even bear. But so far he had only encountered small animals and had not spent a single cartridge. This evening he wanted to check a clearing near the river, where large animals often came to water, and then return to the camp. But things didn’t go according to plan….

When Adam heard human screams, he rushed to where they were coming from. It was a man screaming. No, he wasn’t screaming in pain or despair. He was screaming at someone…and very loudly. Stopping nearby, Adam watched in surprise at the unusual scene – the girl in white was standing with her back to him, and just a little to the side was some man. He was the one screaming. Like crazy he was screaming at the girl and he had a gun in his hand:

Strange girl in the woods

– I can’t take it anymore! Do you hear me? Go away!

The girl stretched out her arms and, on the contrary, rushed towards the man. But the man pushed her away hard, so that the poor girl fell to the ground. He pointed the gun at her decisively. Adam immediately raised his gun, pointed it at the stranger, and came out of hiding:

– Stop, buddy. Don’t do this!

– Who the hell are you? You… you don’t understand. Get outta here! This ain’t none of your damn business.

– It is, man. I’m not gonna let you kill a defenseless girl.

– Oh, yeah… she’s not what she seems. Just go away. Get off!

He pointed the gun sharply at the girl sitting on the ground again and… a shot rang out. Adam quickly ran up to the man he had just shot. He pushed the gun away with his foot and covered the wound in his chest with his hands, but the blood could not be stopped. It was pouring out in streams. The wounded man was dying. He grabbed Adam’s hand and whispered, “She’s evil. Just kill her,” and then he was gone.

My house is your house

The police arrived. Adam and the girl were taken to the station and the dead man to the morgue. The police questioned Adam until the evening, and then they let him go with the girl. When he was about to go home and get some sleep after such a hard day, she followed him. It turned out that she was mute, but she was excellent at sign language and could write. Adam brought her to him and after “talking” with her he learned a lot of interesting things: the girl’s name was Lilith, she left the orphanage when she turned 18 and got to Arnold (the very man Adam had to kill), she fell in love with him, but he abused and beat her, and then decided to kill her. Lilith’s story touched the guy, and he offered to let her stay with him until she finds her way in life.

The first night the beautiful brunette looked into Adam’s bedroom. She was wearing only a robe, which the girl hurriedly dropped on the floor. The excited guy silently looked at her beautiful body. The pretty girl lay down next to Adam and started stroking his hard cock. She took it into her mouth. No one had ever given him such a gentle and at the same time passionate blowjob. Lilith sucked his cock professionally. The girl did her best and after a couple minutes she tasted Adam’s cum. She liked it. She swallowed the cum, licked herself, smiled and went to her room. Adam lay there for a long time recovering, and then he just thought that this was Lilith’s way of thanking him for saving him, and went to sleep.

First victim

In the morning a satisfied Adam went down to the kitchen and made coffee and toast. He poured cat food into the bowl, but Thomas, the ginger fluffy beauty was nowhere to be found. “Strange,” thought the guy, but then Lilith came down and he forgot about the cat.

– This night… – Adam started to say, but the girl came up to him and put her finger on his lips. Then she kissed him sweetly and went to drink coffee and toast. He joined her and said nothing more.

It was necessary to go to the police, to testify again. Taking Lilith with him, the satisfied guy drove to the station, and a couple hours later they were on their way home – the cops had sorted everything out and let Adam go.

Pulling up to the house, he asked the girl to go inside, and he himself decided to clean up the junk near the garage. It was there that Adam found Thomas…without a head and without a single drop of blood.

Strange things

Lilith sits on Adam's face

At night, the guy couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t figure out who could have done this to his sweet kitty. Maybe a chupacabra or a rabid possum. He felt sorry for the ginger cat, who had lived with him for almost 5 years. Suddenly, Lilith walked into the bedroom. This time she was already naked. As if hypnotized, Adam stared at her beautiful tits and hairy pubes. He wanted her to take his cock in her mouth again. But the girl had other plans. She sat with her pussy on the guy’s face and began to rub her lips and tongue over his. Curving up like a ballerina, she grabbed the guy’s cock and worked her hand. While he licked her hairy pussy, she quickly jerked his cock. Her hand moved up and down and then cum shot out of Adam’s cock. At the same moment, the girl shook with her whole body. She cum on his face. The deed was done. Lilith left again. Didn’t want to stay with him. It was strange. Like renting a hooker for an hour. But Adam didn’t care. He forgot about Thomas and fell soundly asleep.

He left for work in the morning, and when he returned, the house was cleaned and dinner was ready. Bachelor Adam was pleasantly surprised. He was clearly pleased that he had met Lilith and already he himself didn’t want her to leave him. Their dinner resembled a family dinner, but in complete silence. Until the cops arrived.

– Wait here, Lilith! It’s probably back to my place, – Adam said and went outside. But the police didn’t come to him, they came to the neighbors. He walked over to see what was wrong. What he heard scared the guy a little. Someone had killed two dogs at the neighbors’ house…their heads were ripped off and they drank all the blood.


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