Probably everyone who has come to the finish line of their measured lifeline has dreamed of RETURN. But, unfortunately, it is impossible. Or is there still a small chance? I would like to believe in it….

Love and passion through the years

– Oh, yes, sweetheart. Just don’t stop. I’m almost, – the pretty blonde aged woman gasped with pleasure as she fucked her beloved husband in the bedroom. They hadn’t had sex in almost two weeks, and now that the kids were away at summer camp, they could do it at least every day, – Oh, it feels so good!

Eleanor cum from the intense and monotonous penetration of Ryan’s cock into her pussy, and then felt her husband’s cum rushed inside her. It had been a long time since they had used contraception and had no fear of unwanted pregnancy – Eleanor had become infertile with age. Good thing they’d managed to conceive and give birth to a couple of glorious girls, now 13 and 16 years old.

Ryan rolled over onto his back and breathed heavily for a couple more minutes, then began kissing and caressing his beloved wife. They’ve been together for over 20 years now, but they still feel an overwhelming desire and passion…not every couple can boast of that after a couple years of married life.

– Darling, you’re as gorgeous as ever. I love your body. I love you, – Ryan continued to stroke his wife’s intimate parts as he looked at his watch, “Oh shit, I have to get to a business meeting. I have to get there in time or my new project is going to fail.

He quickly jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. Kissing his naked wife goodbye, Ryan jumped out of the house, got in his car and drove down the main highway. After driving a few blocks, he made a sharp turn onto a secondary road and… crashed into a refrigerated truck.

End of story

The soul leaves the sinful world

Burned poor Ryan lay on the cold metal table and couldn’t move. The bright light was blinding his eyes, but he didn’t close them. He couldn’t feel anything. There were people in white coats running around. The patient’s vital signs monitor was showing a straight line and beeping loudly. Oddly enough, Ryan could see, hear, think…and nothing else.

– Dr. Jenkins, we did everything we could, – he heard so close and so far away, “You saw the condition he was brought to us in, didn’t you? There was nothing we could do to save him.

Someone leaned over Ryan and looked into his open eyes. Then a hand came down on his eyelids and closed them forever.


Strange place

Ryan jerked up from his seat in a cold sweat and nearly fell to the floor. A shiver ran through the man. He didn’t understand what had happened to him. Maybe it was just a bad dream? But everything was so real… until the last second. What is this place? It looked like some kind of hospital waiting room. He was sitting in a chair in a long hallway, with the sounds of a typewriter coming from the far side of the hallway. That’s where Ryan went, looking around. The sounds became clearer and soon the man saw their source. An elderly woman was sitting at the desk, typing something quickly. Another minute and she pulled out the last sheet of paper. Putting it in the folder, she looked at Ryan carefully, then back at her file folder:

Long hallway

– Ryan Bennett? – and without waiting for an answer, she continued, – You’re a little early, Mr. Bennett. But that’s okay. You can go through.
– Go where? – Ryan couldn’t get over the shock he’d gotten at the hospital, – Who are you? How do you know me? Do I have an appointment with someone? And, uh…
– There are too many questions, Mr. Bennett, that I can’t give you answers to. You’d better come quickly into the study, and you’ll soon see for yourself.

Without another word, a pensive Ryan slowly walked toward the door to the mysterious office. He didn’t know what to prepare for. Who was waiting for him behind that door?

There is always a choice

When Ryan entered the office, the doors behind them slammed shut on their own, as if from a draft. He even jerked a little in surprise. Right in front of him was a huge desk made of some beautiful dark wood, and behind the desk in a large leather chair sat a gray-haired man. The stranger was looking at Ryan carefully and seemed to be studying him. In front of him was a folder of papers exactly like the one the woman had in the waiting room. He picked it up, opened it to the first page and began to read carefully to himself. Ryan was silent. He didn’t know where he should start. He had so many questions.

– I suppose you have a lot of questions for me. Don’t you, Mr. Bennett? – the man at the table spoke first.
– You’re right. But who’s “you”? That would be my first and most important question.
– I’m the one who makes the transfers… I suppose you could call it that.
– I don’t understand. What kind of transfers?
– In or out. You see, as you may have guessed by now, Mr. Bennett, you’re dead. Died in a car accident. Doctors, no matter how hard they tried to save you, they couldn’t. And here you are.
– Where is “here”? Am I in purgatory?
– You can call this place “purgatory.” For me, it’s my workplace. That’s not important. What’s important is this. I’ve reviewed your file. You’ve lived a good life, Mr. Bennett. So I’m giving you the choice of coming back or leaving for good. Think about it. I won’t rush you.
– Wait, are you saying I can go back? Just come back to life? Or how does it work?
– I don’t know the details. I’ve never been behind either door. I just follow the instructions. Well, you have to make your choice.
– I think the choice is obvious. Of course I want to go back…to my family, my friends…my life. I don’t want to die so soon.
– It’s up to you. If your decision is final, then go through the door you came in through.

Ryan stood up and walked quickly to the door. He stopped for a moment and hesitated. All sorts of thoughts swarmed through his head. Was he really being given a second chance? Why him? He wanted to ask the gray-haired man about everything. But even more he wanted to return to his beloved wife, children and all those who were so dear to him.

– Thank you so much for the second chance, – Ryan said and reached for the doorknob.

– Ahem, see you later, Mr. Bennett.

When Ryan opened the doors, the bright light blinded him. A second, and the gray-haired man was once again sitting alone in his huge office. He opened the last page in his file folder and checked the box, muttering to himself, “…nothing has changed. He chose RETURN again.”

The beginning of the story

The bright light abruptly disappeared. It was a hospital. The distinct sounds of the life activity monitor could be heard. People in white coats bustled and ran around the spacious hall.

– Mrs. Bennett, congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy, – one of the doctors held the newborn in his arms and was about to place him on his satisfied mother’s chest, – Have you and your husband decided what you’re going to name him?

– Ryan. We decided to name him Ryan, – the woman took her baby in her arms and gently pressed him to her chest, – You’re going to be a good man, little Ryan. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you….

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