Salvation in death (part 2)

Salvation in death… how can that be? Can death save a life? Of course it can, if one dies who is able to take the life of many others… then death is the only way.

The stakes are getting higher

All kinds of thoughts went through Adam’s head. He even thought that Lilith might be involved. It hadn’t happened before she showed up, had it? It was probably just a coincidence, though. He just needed to relax… and just then Lilith walked into the bedroom. The girl’s stunning naked body could drive anyone crazy. She gracefully climbed up on the bed and started caressing her savior’s cock again. As soon as it became hard, the girl sat on it. In the riding position she moved fast and frisky. Adam hadn’t been fucked in a long time, and the girl had a hole as tight and hot as a virgin’s. He lasted a couple minutes and then cum inside her pussy. He wanted more. But she got up and got ready to leave. Adam grabbed Lilith’s hand (it wasn’t as gentle as he wanted) and she yanked it away and quickly ran away.

– I’m such a fool! – Adam said in a low voice. He didn’t know whether to go after her or whether it would be better to explain everything in the morning. In the end he decided to talk to the girl over breakfast.

But in the morning the conversation failed. The girl didn’t come down for breakfast, and Adam didn’t have time to find out or prove anything. He had to drive to work. So he did. When he got home in the evening, he went to Lilith and explained everything to her. She just sat there, squeezed his hand and smiled. The pretty girl understood everything. Too bad she couldn’t say anything. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door… it was the cops again.

– Good evening! Mr. River?

– Good evening, officers. Yes, it’s me. What happened again?

– Murder. Did you see anything suspicious today? Did you hear anything?

– No. I slept soundly last night and then I drove to work in the morning…

– Can anyone confirm that you were home all night?

– No, I… – Adam started to say, but Lilith came up behind him, smiled at the cops and raised her hand. Then she pointed to herself and Adam and gestured that they’d slept together.

– Okay. Then let the police know if you remember anything or see anyone suspicious. Is that okay?

– Yeah. Sure. Officers, who was killed?

– A little girl from across the street. They found her headless just off the front lawn. Terrible things.

– Oh, my God, little Nancy was murdered? I can’t believe it. I mean, she was only 5.

– Looks like some kind of psychopath. Let us know if you remember anything. Good night.

Adam closed the door and couldn’t get over it. Lilith, on the other hand, was standing next to him, hugging him and… just smiling.


Anal sex with Lilith

Adam lay on the bed and stared into the darkness. He knew Lilith would still come tonight. But he didn’t want her to come. He guessed she was somehow involved in all these deaths. But how? He had to find out.

The doors opened and a naked, beautiful girl came in at once and lay down next to Adam. He was silent. She immediately began fondling his cock. Adam didn’t want to fuck Lilith, but his cock thought otherwise. It got hard after half a minute. The satisfied beauty sat on top of him and began to move her hips. Adam continued to remain silent. He felt raped. As if he wasn’t the one fucking his roommate, but she was fucking him…and against his will. He wished it would end sooner. But the girl decided to prolong the pleasure. She finished riding his cock and began to suck him gentle. As she caressed his penis with her tongue and kissed it, Lilith smiled. As if nothing had happened. Like no one had killed the girl next door. As if no one had ripped her head off. Finished giving a blowjob, Lilith spit into her palm and began rubbing the saliva around her anus. Adam had never had anal sex before. The thought of it began to excite him to the max. He wanted to fuck this bitch in the ass. And at the same time he berated himself for forgetting about the murdered girl so easily. But as his cock began to slowly penetrate Lilith’s anal hole, he turned his full attention to her. She had such a tight ass that soon Adam was cumming inside her. It was awesome! Lilith, on the other hand, smiled at her lover as usual and pulled away.

Bloody Lilith

Of course, after anal sex, Adam wasn’t going to sleep. He got up quietly and started listening at the door. Not a sound came out. Then he slowly opened the doors and quietly walked toward Lilith’s bedroom. He didn’t know what to do next. How long to wait or what to say upon entering the mute girl’s room. He stood like that for about fifteen minutes and then he made up his mind and opened the doors. There was no one in the bedroom…

Continuing to move quietly, Adam walked over to the bed and crouched on the edge. He waited. Lilith had to come back, wherever they were. And she had come back. It had been a long time. Maybe an hour or so. And then she came back. Outside the window, rain was pouring down, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. The doors opened quietly and Lilith appeared. Only her silhouette was visible in the darkness, but when another lightning bolt lit up the sky, Adam saw the worst thing he had ever seen in his life – Lilith’s face. It was covered in blood. Blood was dripping down her chin onto her dress. And she was smiling. The terrified boy couldn’t move, and she came to him, hugging him and nuzzling him. Taking his hand, she slipped it into her panties. It was wet there. But Adam abruptly yanked it out and ran. First he wanted to run outside and call for help. Then to call the police. But then an idea popped into his head – to kill this monster that had killed the girl next door and someone else that night. He grabbed his hunting rifle and went back to Lilith’s bedroom. She was sitting on the bed and looking at him with loving eyes. The girl had already had time to wash and change her clothes. On the one hand, the guy wanted to shoot the bitch right between the eyes, but on the other hand, he felt sorry for the cute girl sitting in front of him. He grabbed her arm and dragged her outside. Then into the car. They drove in silence. Lilith was smiling.

Hard choice

The black cop

Adam drove the mute girl, who turned out to be a real monster, to the city dump. No one was supposed to be there at this time of day. Besides, the sounds from the dump wouldn’t wake or disturb anyone. Adam ordered Lilith out of the car and then pushed her to the ground.

– You monster! You’re a creature! How could you do such a thing? Why would you kill? – With those words, Adam pointed the gun at the girl and… heard a hard loud voice from behind him.

– Don’t do it, boy! In the name of the law, I order you to put your gun on the ground and step aside. No jokes!

Keeping his gun muzzle pointed at Lilith, he turned at that voice and saw the cop. He was pointing his service weapon just at him and he probably wasn’t kidding.

– Officer, you don’t realize what you’re getting into. She’s a monster! I have to kill her. And I’m gonna do it, … gunshot went off.


Poor Adam was lying on the damp, wet ground, blood dripping from a hole near his eye. The frightened girl clung to a strong black man in a police uniform. This was her new protector…

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