The bloody sky beneath my feet

Bloody sky beneath my feet. The meaningless phrase of a mentally unstable person? Or is it more than that? Something with a hidden meaning that could drive you insane.


It was very dark all around, and only in the distance was some light visible. Jack didn’t understand where exactly he was or how he had gotten here. He got up and slowly walked toward the light. But the light seemed to move away from Jack as he tried to get closer to it. Guessing it was just a dream, he stood still and began to say to himself “Wake up! Come on, wake up already!”. Suddenly a bright light itself illuminated him. Jack found himself inside that light. A “Bloody sky beneath my feet” was heard behind him. Jumping up in surprise, the guy turned around and saw some kind of psycho. Yes, it was definitely a psycho, since he was wearing a straitjacket. He was sitting on the floor with his back to Jack and kept repeating the same thing.

– Bloody sky beneath my feet… Bloody sky beneath my feet… Bloody sky beneath my feet…

It was all scaring Jack, but he decided to move closer and look at the guy. It’s just a dream, after all. Slowly and quietly, step by step he covered the distance separating him from the psycho. When Jack started to bend forward to touch his shoulder, he turned sharply. Jack was horrified to see himself…with crazy eyes bulging, foam in the corners of his mouth, and the phrase “Bloody sky beneath his feet” frozen on his lips.

Morning delight

Jumping up on the spot, a terrified Jack nearly fell off the bed. He must have been screaming in his sleep, because his girlfriend was already sitting next to him, looking at him fearfully. Pause. Jack was covered in tiny droplets of cold sweat. He’d never dreamed such horrors before. Would he stop watching horror movies before bed? Or was it just the stress of an important college exam? Gradually the guy calmed down and was the first to break the silence:

– I’m sorry, I had a really bad nightmare, – Jack said guiltily to his girlfriend, who looked as scared as he was.

– Yeah, I almost peed myself in my sleep when you screamed, – she said, a slight smile on her face, – Are you okay now?

– Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a dream.

– Do you want to tell me exactly what you dreamt?

– Oh, no. I’d rather not talk about it. I’d rather just forget it and call it a day.

– Well, then, since we’re up early, we can get down to business, – the pretty blonde winked at Jack and took off her T-shirt.

Without saying a word, Jack started squeezing her beautiful natural tits. His hand slipped into her panties and she moaned. His fingers skillfully played with her clit and it hardened. Jack and his girlfriend Nikki kissed and caressed each other and then he entered her. They enjoyed sex in the missionary position and then Nikki sat on Jack’s cock. Feeling like a cowgirl, she rodeoed on his cock. She was so into the riding that the guy barely had time to slip out of her pussy and cum on his stomach.

– That’s it? – Nikki said snidely.

– You’re so hot, I could barely contain myself for five minutes, – Jack tried to justify himself, but in reality he was still worried about the dream and the fact that he had an important exam in a couple hours.

– I forgive you this time, but tonight you have to fuck me good, – the hot blonde kissed her boyfriend, – After we celebrate passing the exam.

That was what Jack wanted to hear the most. Her confidence always transferred to him. And this time too, he was sure that everything would be fine….

The exam

Jack arrived at the college half an hour before the exam began. It was not necessary to repeat the material he had studied. He knew everything from memory. He’d been studying. Entering the auditorium, he took his seat. The exam began and the instructor, a gray-haired and grumpy man with the last name Branson, asked the students to take turns coming up to him and pulling tickets with questions. Jack decided to go last. Whichever ticket was left would be the one he would take. About ten minutes passed when the students had all the tickets and only one – the last one – was left on the table.

– What are you waiting for, Mr. Stone? – said Professor Branson, longingly, – Or are you afraid? Have you not prepared for the exam?

– Of course I have, – Jack said, and quickly picked up the last ticket to read the question.

But then his legs nearly gave out. With a trembling hand, he held up a sheet of paper that read “Bloody sky beneath my feet”.

– Is something wrong, Mr. Stone? – The teacher’s voice brought Jack to his senses, – Is there a difficult ticket? Would you read it out loud, please?

– I don’t know what’s going on, but it says ” Bloody sky beneath my feet”.

Blood flowed from the eyes

As soon as he said this, Professor Branson cried out as if from a blow to the groin and grabbed his head. Blood flowed from his ears, eyes, and mouth. He began to repeat the phrase. Over and over again. Over and over, doing it faster and faster. A terrified Jack looked at his teacher and didn’t realize what was happening. Suddenly, behind him, he heard a choir singing an ode to ” Bloody sky beneath my feet” Jack turned around sharply and, this time, he actually fell to the floor. All the students, and there were over twenty of them, were all repeating the same thing and blood was flowing from their eyes, ears and mouths. All of them slowly approached Jack.

The frightened guy jumped to his feet with difficulty and ran from the auditorium. It looked as if he had come not to an exam, but to a Satanist coven. He thought he would be safe outside the auditorium. But he was wrong. The doors to all the classrooms began to open. Bloody students and professors came out, saying only the phrase Jack had heard in his nightmare.

He ran out into the street and every passerby Jack met tried to come up and grab him. Of course, with the phrase “Bloody sky beneath his feet.” It was a bloody apocalypse. In one second, the whole world went mad. Jack was the last one left to himself, but the others were trying to catch him. They wanted to drag him to their side. Like zombies. He had to run. But where to?

Jumping into the car, Jack drove home. There was no one outside his house, so he quickly ran inside. He looked for Nikki, but she was nowhere to be found. Running into the kitchen, he saw her by the refrigerator.

– Well, thank God you’re here, honey, – Jack rushed over to her, – I was beginning to think you were too…

When Nikki turned around, her face was covered in blood. She was holding a large knife. She said to Jack:

– Bloody sky beneath my feet….

Room 314

Jack Stone in a mental hospital

– So, who do we have here in 314? – man in the white coat asked his coworker. It was his first day of work in a psychiatric hospital, and he was trying to grasp everything at once.

– This is Jack Stone, – said the second orderly, “This guy was brought in yesterday. He’s gone off the rails from emotional stress. Ran out of a college exam. Came home and stabbed his girlfriend to death. We found him next to her bloody body in the kitchen. Sat in the corner, painted his face with her blood and kept repeating the same phrase… something about a bloody sky, sort of.

– What a psycho.

– That’s why he’s here. But go easy on him. He’s a harmless vegetable now.

In the corner of a small room with padded walls sat a guy in a straitjacket. But he wasn’t really there. Jack Stone stayed inside his nightmare…

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