Where is my head?

Many people, when doing weird or crazy things ask themselves «Where was my head when…? ». It’s such a silly question. And it’s always used figuratively. At least that’s what everyone thinks. But it turns out it’s not always…

Sydney’s accident

When the redheaded beauty Eliza moved to the small town of Loxwell, all the headlines were filled with the same news. No, not her arrival. It was about a railroad accident that killed local resident Sydney – athlete, activist, beauty. According to the police version, she was returning home late at night and, as she was crossing the track, she fell and lost consciousness. The train didn’t stop and decapitated her. Only one question remained: where did her head go? Detectives combed for miles and found not even a trace. Deciding it had been dragged off by wild dogs, the case was closed.

It’s been over two weeks since that sad day in Loxwell. Eliza had already settled into her new home. She didn’t care at all about Sydney and her demise. She cared more about Billy, the boy who lived across the street. The amorous red-haired girl liked him immediately and would have seduced him long ago, but there was one «but ». Sydney had been his girlfriend and after her death he had grieved greatly and was not himself. But it had been almost a month, so Eliza packed up and went to visit Billy. First, to comfort and support him. Secondly, to try to become his new girlfriend.

Long conversation

– Oh, Elise, is that you? Come in quickly. I wasn’t expecting anyone to visit today, so I can only treat you to pizza and coke, – Eliza was greeted on the doorstep by a tired-looking guy who clearly hadn’t slept well in a while.

– I love pizza and Coke, – Eliza said cheerfully to cheer Billy up and relax him a little.

He led her into the living room, and they sat down in front of the TV. There was some program about animals on, but the sound was off, so they could chat quietly.

– I’m sorry to interrupt, but you don’t look so good, – Eliza was never one to mince words, – Sleepless nights?

– Yeah, I haven’t slept well in almost a month.

– Is it because of that accident with Sydney?

– Bull’s-eye, – the boy sighed and took a sip of his cold Coke, – It’s because of her.

– But she’s been gone a long time. Why can’t you just let her go?

– She won’t let me go?

– What the hell is that? What do you mean?

– Sydney comes to me in my dreams. Every night, – Elise thought Billy seemed to grow even darker, – I dream of her decapitated. She whispers, «Where’s my head? »

– That’s creepy, – Elise had never believed in the paranormal or mysticism, but it gave her the creeps, – You need to see a psychiatrist. Or a fortune teller.

– That’s not funny. Although, I’ve been thinking for a while now that I’m just going crazy. No one can help me with that.

Night of love

Where-is-my-head-sexEliza didn’t use words to comfort and encourage Billy. She did it in a way that only she knew how to do. That’s why all the men from her past life loved her. The redheaded girl knelt down, pulled off the surprised guy’s jeans and took his cock in her mouth. Within a minute it became hard and hot. Billy moaned with pleasure. It was obvious that the late Sidney had not spoiled him with a sloppy blow job. Eliza worked her mouth and even purred like a pussycat. She wanted Billy to completely forget about Sydney and be only with her. Only a couple minutes passed and she felt the contractions of his cock in her mouth. The cum hit her throat in jets, but Eliza didn’t even cough. She swallowed the cum and licked Billy’s collapsed cock gently.

They were silent for a long time, and then Billy said:

– That was cool, but why are you here? Why do you want me? You can see I’m turning into a psycho, can’t you?

– You’re not crazy! I like you and we’re going to be together…I’ve decided that, – the redheaded girl smiled, winked and continued, – Now let’s go to the bedroom. Show me what you can do.

The sweet couple had sex for over an hour. They tried all the classic positions, fondled each other orally for a long time, and then Eliza washed herself with Billy’s cum. Cumshot on her face was the logical conclusion of this perfect night of love. The satisfied lovers fell sweetly asleep in each other’s arms.

Horrible awakening

In the middle of the night, Eliza was awakened by Billy’s scream. She woke up abruptly and saw him sitting in the corner of the room. He was trembling all over. «This stupid dream again,» the girl thought and wanted to go to the guy and calm him down. But he got to his feet and ran downstairs. Not understanding anything, Eliza started to get dressed and heard the sounds of a car leaving. He drove off, leaving her alone. He just needed to be alone and Eliza understood that. The girl lies down on the bed again and fell asleep…..

She walked through the green field and picked flowers. It was so nice and peaceful. Eliza understood perfectly well that it was a dream and wanted it not to end. Suddenly, a cold wind blew and it began to darken before her eyes. A whisper was heard from behind. The girl turned around and saw a dark silhouette. It was Billy…without his head. «WHERE’S MY HEAD? » – was heard from all directions. Eliza jumped out of bed with a scream. She had never had such nightmares before. It took the poor girl a long time to come to her senses. She understood Billy now.

Billy’s accident

Where-is-my-head-monsterThe doorbell rang. Feeling like a mistress in her new home, Eliza went downstairs and asked:

– Who is it? I’m sorry, but Billy isn’t home.

– Ma’am, it’s the police. Please open the door. We need to talk to you.

Something bad stirred inside Elise. She opened the door and let in two large men in uniform. They looked around and then invited her into the kitchen for a serious conversation.

– Miss Roswell, the thing is, Mr. Black has had an accident.

– What happened to Billy? – Eliza’s voice was barely audible.

– Mr. Black was killed in a car accident. His car went off the road and hit a guardrail. Mr. Black’s body was recovered, but his head…

Eliza couldn’t hear any more. A storm of emotion was tearing her up inside. She didn’t know what she’d gotten herself into yet. But she knew she didn’t have long to live. It was some kind of curse. Or something else. But she’s next. That’s for sure!

Where is my head?

As if in a fog, Elise led the cops to the door and promised to come to the morgue for a lineup. She closed the doors, sat on the living room couch and cried. A rustling sound was heard from behind. The frightened girl turned around, but there was no one there. But in her head again clearly heard a terrifying question from the underworld… «Where is my head? ».

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