Meeting with a classmate

How can an ordinary meeting with a classmate turn your worldview upside down? Easily, if it’s not an ordinary meeting. To put it more accurately – very unusual meeting… That’s my story. My name is Molly Jensen! I work as a waitress in a cozy little café on the outskirts of Castle Rock, but I’m from Derry. I left there as soon as I got out of college, and I don’t regret it at all. It’s a scary place. Especially for kids and teenagers. This story happened to me right there a few years ago, but only now have I decided to tell it. It’s a story about feelings, love and sex, but…

Call from the past

Meeting with a classmate at the station

I hadn’t been to Derry for ten years and I was beginning to forget how creepy it was there. And I wouldn’t have gone back for another ten, maybe twenty years if it hadn’t been for one phone call. The caller was Sarah, a college classmate of mine who we still talked to occasionally. She had invited me to a reunion and insisted I come. I’d never made it to a reunion before, so this time I had to say yes and drive to Derry. As it happened, getting there from Castle Rock at the weekend was a problem, and hitchhiking had always been my fear… so I had to go two days early. The other guys were supposed to be there on Sunday, and I was stupid enough to show up on Friday night. I had to sleep somewhere, eat something and I had a boring day ahead of me. But this meeting changed everything.

– Molly!? Is that really you? – A painfully familiar voice came from behind me and I flinched in surprise.

– Uh, yeah, my name’s Molly. And you are? I think we know each other, but I can’t remember, – I answered slowly, trying to remember the young man standing in front of me.

– Try again, – the stranger said mockingly, – I’ll give you a clue – I sat behind you in all of Mr. Jones’s lectures.

– Michael, is that you? – I was really surprised, because I hadn’t seen this guy in ten years. I used to have a huge crush on him. My brain quickly remembered that fact, but my heart was ahead of it and started beating fast.

– Of course I am! – answered the satisfied guy with a beautiful smile, – I recognized you right away.

– You’re here for the reunion too, aren’t you? Why so early?

– Well, actually, I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been living here like I did ten years ago.

Ex-classmates having sex in the bedroom

– I thought everyone had moved away after those weird cases of kids disappearing.

– Everyone but me, – Michael’s smile remained on his face as he looked me over from head to toe, – Have you found a place to stay?

– No, I haven’t even looked. Do you have any options?

– You bet I have, – he seemed to be having more fun, – Stay at my place. I live alone and I have three rooms in my house. Come on, say yes!

How could I say no to the guy I loved so many ten years ago? Of course I said yes. Maybe it was fate. Maybe this was the time when all my long-held dreams and desires would come true.

Michael’s house was big and cozy. I immediately felt his hospitality. He showed me my bedroom, cooked me dinner, and then we talked for a long time. We reminisced about the time we were in school together and… I blurted out that I was in love with him. And he said he was in love with me. Time stopped. Even my heart froze for a moment, and then our lips touched. Michael caressed every inch of my hot body, and my hand found his cock. A good ten inches, hot and hard cock…. my panties were wet. His lips on my pussy, his tongue caressing my clit, and then that pleasant taste of a man’s penis in my mouth. The gentle caresses gradually became more insistent and rough, making my arousal grow even faster. He entered my pussy sharply and deeply, so that I even let out a cry from my chest. Michael moved faster and faster, and I felt something I had never felt before – an orgasm approaching. We cum at the same time… and then it were all a blur.

Unpleasant awakening

I woke up on the cold floor. I couldn’t understand or remember what it had been like to have sex with Michael. What happened? Where am I? Where did Michael go? All these questions swarmed in my head. Like a fog, I had to climb out of some basement stairwell. Only then did I realize it wasn’t a basement. It was a crypt. A goddamn crypt in the middle of a cemetery. My phone rang. It was Sarah. It was Sarah again. She’s the reason I’m in this mess.

A creepy crypt in a cemetery

– Hello, darling! Why aren’t you answering? I’ve called you a thousand times,» Sarah was clearly not in the mood.

– Hi! Something’s happened to me, but I don’t know what it is,» I started mumbling into the phone, «I got here yesterday. I met Michael. You know the handsome guy from our band? And then we were at his house, and now I’m in the middle of nowhere.

– Are you high? Or are you mixing antibiotics with alcohol? What the fuck is Michael? He died last year. If you were more interested in your classmates, you’d know that–

My phone fell out of my hands. Sarah kept saying something, but I couldn’t hear her. I stared at the tombstone in front of the crypt: Michael Scofield (1990-2022). Goosebumps ran down my body and tears ran down my face. In the fall cemetery silence, I distinctly heard, «I’m sorry…»

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